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Members are medical practitioners who are practicing urological surgery in Kenya at the time of their election, and who continue in urological practice.

They fall into the following categories:-

  1. Full members - Will be a specialized member recognized by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board and are officially accredited by KAUS to practice Urology in Kenya.
  2. Associate members - These are consultants who are not designated urologists, trainees of appropriate academic status practising urology, or others engaged in branches of medicine related to urology in Kenya. Trainees in recognized urological schemes in countries outside Kenya may be accepted as Associate Members at the discretion of the Executive Council. An Associate member who becomes an officially designated consultant urologist in Kenya accredited by KAUS can automatically become a Full Member.
  3. Corresponding Members - These are urologists recognized in foreign countries that have shown interest in the Kenya Association of Urological Surgeons.
  4. Senior Members - These are Full Members who have reached the age of sixty-five.  A Full Member retiring before the age of sixty-five is eligible for election to Senior Membership.  The Executive Council is empowered to elect Associate Members on retirement to Senior Membership on an ad hoc basis. Senior Members receive the Kenya Journal of Urology free of charge.
  5. Honorary Members - These are persons who have made a distinguished contribution to urology or who have achieved outstanding prominence in a field of medicine related to urology in Kenya or any other country.  They pay no annual subscription.  Honorary Members receive the Kenya Journal of Urology, if they so wish, free of charge.

Only Full Members are eligible to vote at a General Meeting and to hold office.  If the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer or Immediate Past-Chairman is elected to Senior Membership during his term of office, this will not invalidate his continued occupancy of that post.


The entrance Membership Fee is KShs.15,000/= and is  payable by each member on enrollment as Member of the Society.

  1. Full Members pay the annual subscription of KShs 10,000/= not later than the 15th day of February of each year.
  2. Associate Members pay the annual subscription of KShs 5,000/= not later than 15th February of each year.
  3. Corresponding Members pay the annual subscription of Kshs 5,000/= per year.
  4. Senior Members pay no annual subscription.
  5. Honorary Members pay no annual subscription.


  • Candidates for Full membership are proposed by two Full Members of the Association.  Their names are sent to the Secretary not less than six weeks before the next Executive Council Meeting for election.  The elections are confirmed at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Candidates for Associate Membership are proposed by either two Full members or one Full Member and one Associate Member, and are elected by the Executive Council.
  • Candidates for Corresponding Membership must be proposed by two members one of whom must be a Full Member, the other, either an Honorary, Corresponding, Senior or Full Member, and shall be elected by the Executive Council.

The Executive Council has the power to elect Honorary Members as they think fit provided that they fulfill the conditions of Rule 3(e).


The office bearers of the society are the Executive, comprising of:

  1. Chairman - Dr. P. Gitobu Mburugu
  2. ViceChairman - Dr. Samuel N.K. Waweru
  3. Secretary - Dr. James A. Ikol
  4. Treasurer - Dr.Francis Osawa

All of whom are fully paid up members of the society and are elected at the Annual General Meeting every third year.