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Dr. Joshua M. Matu

Dr. Joshua M. Matu - MB;ChB, M. MED, D. UROL, F.MAS, D.MAS
Consultant Urological / Laparoscopic Surgeon

Member - World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons
Member – Societe’ Internationale d’Urologie
Member- European Association of urology
Member – Pan-Africa Association of Urological Surgeons
Member – Kenya Association of Urological Surgeons

Dr. J. M. Matu is among the few fortunate urological surgeons to undergo hands on training in urological laparoscopic surgery by the world leading laparoscopic surgeon Prof. R. K. Mishra of The World Laparoscopy Hospital, Cyber City, Gurgaon- New Dheli. He is the first Kenyan to undergo hands on Robotic laparoscopic training under guidance of Professor R. K. Mishra. Robotic Surgery is the latest state of the Art and the future of Minimal Access Surgery which is not yet available in our country Kenya, but hopefully soon we will benefit from the same. He is among the very first Kenyans to undergo hands on urological training in pediatric and adult urological Surgery.

He was touched by the sight of many helpless men with chronic catheters dangling as they struggled to meet daily chores and get the right treatment which is beyond their reach. These are men who are send to and fro in various hospital surgical clinics & no urological surgeon to operate on them due to lack of facilities and surgical skills. The few urological surgeons are based at the capital city leaving majority of the poor patients with none to attend to them. Women with urological problems especially fistula and Urothelial cancers were not spared either. It’s because of these depressive sights that he sacrificed his efforts to train in urology and give meaning to the life of these patients.

He went ahead and set up a fully pledged urological /Laparoscopic centre in Kitui town known as Jordan Hospital (Urology & Laparoscopy centre.) about 200km from the capital city- Nairobi. In this center he offers both Endoscopic urological and Laparoscopic surgery at subsidized rates or even free of charge to the poorest of the poor. Dr. J. M. Matu has practiced Endoscopic and general adult/pediatric urological surgery over the last six years after extensive training in many centers of excellence worldwide. He is among the leading urological surgeons in Kenya with admission rights in Nairobi Hospital, Aga khan, M.P. Shah, Karen and Mater Hospitals. He is appointed urologist for most Insurance companies.

In course of practice Dr. Matu was touched by the exorbitant cost of endoscopic & Laparoscopic surgery in leading hospitals and yet the future of surgical treatment is in Minimal Access surgery. Of concern is also the inadequate training in the same field. The inadequate training and lack of same training facilities locally made him travel to the World Premier training Institute in Minimal Assess surgery in India where he underwent hands on training in Laparoscopic surgery by one of the leading professors in Laparoscopic surgery. In this centre named “Jordan Hospital” he has performed more than 500 endoscopic surgeries and over 200 laparoscopic surgeries at subsidized rate over the last six years. In Nairobi he has performed similar or more cases and there has been no significant difference in the outcome of these operations. The only difference is the cost to the patient.

At Jordan Hospital he has attended patients with renal stones, urological cancers and various other diseases for less than a quarter the cost charged in the leading hospitals and even in India. Dr. J. M. Matu has extensive network with fellow surgeon in Europe, America and India and shares on-line consultation and referral routinely. Dr. J. M. Matu has been involved in looking for local cutting edge solution to the individual needs and has a team of colleagues locally whom he has trained and worked with. He is driven by the need to meet your health needs first, always and all the time.

In view of his philanthropic nature he has gone an extra mile to train in Reconstructive surgery to offer cutting edge genital surgery to victims of genital mutilation, assault, congenital defects and patients with fistula problem at a subsided fee. Dr. J. M. Matu is available for consultation from his private office next to Nairobi hospital – Nairobi, Along Ralph Bunche road, Prof Nelson Awori Centre, Second floor, Suite B6 and he is always ready to listen to you and advice accordingly. You can also consult him at Jordan Hospital – Kitui.

Dr. J. M. Matu is eagerly waiting for the first establishment in Kenya to acquire and install Da Vinci surgical system (ROBOTIC Surgical system) and will be willing to share his skills and help in training. He is setting up a dry and wet lab at Jordan hospital to train fellow surgeons/urologists/Gynaecologists on laparoscopic surgery instead of the three day half baked workshops which is the current practice in Kenya at a punitive cost. Dr J.M. Matu has published extensively in peer reviewed medical journals.

He is available anytime for consultation on any urological problem on the following numbers:-
Nairobi office:-+254202424159, cell:- +254733924580
Jordan Hospital +254712992241,
Email: jmatu@jordanhospital.or.ke , info@jordanhospital.or.ke , Jordan@wananchi.com , matumaliti@yahoo.com